Sound of devastation while playing with your children

Sound of devastation while playing with your children


Imagine you are at a family park playing with your kids, neighbors and friends. Your kids are taking the swings while you push them to get more speed. Sound of laughter in the air as many children are having a good time. Then you hear a big boom, devastation, dust, you get forced and pushed to the ground. Screams, and you look at the swing where you just a few seconds earlier pushed your child on the swing, but your child is gone, blown away by the blast. The child thrown away 10-20 meters and instantly killed.

This is the sound of devastation that happened at the Lahore family park in Pakistan while christian Pakistani people were celebrating Easter.

The splinter group that claimed to be behind the attacks has stated that they targeted Christians.

A total of 69 people has been killed and more than 340 people injured according to spokesmen from the local government.

The Pakistani Taliban has confirmed such attacks will continue, bringing more devastation and terror to Pakistan or around the world.

Dead bodies everywhere

The bombing event resulted in 69 people being killed. The earlier reports said 50-55, but the death toll has been brought up substantially as the Police and rescue workers work on the crime scene to investigate and help those who got killed to bring them to a proper burial for their family and friends can remember them one last time.

The first reports and images from the scene were total devastation and destruction of people laying around everywhere.

Some say their 5 year old or 6 year old got killed in the blast, and some say their wife is missing with their two children. Just like any other family around the world would say when the miss their family member(s).

Just because this happened in Pakistan does not make it any better or worse compared to if this happened in the US or central Europe somewhere.

This is a human tragedy orchestrated by terror organizations goal is only to spread their own message and not wanting to talk on Political level.

Recent week we have seen terror in Brussel, Lahore Pakistan.

Where will the next terror site be ?