Old Navy white jeans the new HIT this summer ?

Old Navy white jeans the new HIT this summer ?


Old Navy has released a series called ‘Staying white’ which is stylish and the right look for the upcoming summer and the jeans are STAIN RESISTANT

The news about these stylish jeans is that they are water resistant where Old Navy says ‘new Stay-White denim technology’ which ‘repels stains and spills so your jeans stay white, no matter how messy the day gets.’.

This means in other words that while wearing white jeans on a sunny day and eating ice cream, drinking ice tea or coffee, and accidentally spilling some liquid to the white jeans, normally would make you go back home to wash and change clothes.

These jeans will stay white according to Old Navy themselves.

We did a search on the internet to see if someone tested these jeans already, and we found people who tried spill Coca Cola, water, juice, stamp dirt on the jeans and try to wash the spill off afterwards.

The results were outstanding according to our research, where the spill could be washed off with clear water and the spill went straight off.

This is good news for the fashion strong women looking for less than $44.94 jeans for the upcoming spring and summer.

How to wash these jeans ?

Basically just turn them inside out and was them as normal according to the washing slip.

Old Navy been working on stain resistant fabrics for years and finally came with a product they are proud to release to the public. Marketized as ‘Staying white’ and ‘Stain resistant’ jeans.

Other categories are in the line for adding this fabric technology as Old Navy will slowly introduce it to other lines of clothes.

Mabye we will see tops being made with this type of fabric closer to the summer.

This summer will definetely be interestning with many ladies staying white with Old Navy’s new jeans collection!