New Macbook’s coming – OLD lineup for sale

New Macbook’s coming – OLD lineup for sale


Every year during spring time, there are always some electronic shops that put their old Macbook lineup for sale to pave and free up stock for the new Macbook’s launched a few months later by Apple.

This year BestBuy discontinues the 12 inch Macbook and puts the Macbook Air on sale. More resellers and electronic shop will follow in this firesale that will last for several months until Apple releases the new lineup.

See for yourself, 150 dollars to save on the 2015 Macbook Air’s on’s website:

Macbook air for sale

There will be a 5 week sale by the Apple authorized reseller, and also stopped selling the 12 inch version of Macbook. The 12” version is now listed as discontinued in bestbuy’s systems and not to be shipped to customers anymore. Looking around different shops, this version is now listed as “This item is no longer available” or “Sold out”, meaning a new model is coming very soon.

BestBuy has discontinued the 12” version entirely:
Macbook out of stock bestbuy

Great deals on 2015 version of Macbook Air can be found, as low as $749, which just a few days were found to be sold for $999 in the US online shops.

Whats coming ?

Intel has released its Skylake CPU’s for mobile computers, such as the Intel Skylake M3, M5 and M7. There are other vendors now making fanless laptops with these CPU’s and the best laptops currently now have Intel Skylake M7, 8/16gb internal memory, and 512gb SSD drive with USB 3.0 offerings and 4k screens.

We have previously written about the Intel Skylake laptops, and now Apple is going to refresh its 2016 lineup with this CPU.
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Check these great deals at Amazon:

It is rumoured that the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference could serve as a platform to release new models to the consumers and Apple fans. Historically this conference has been held in early June, but Apple been waiting to release the official conference date until just a few weeks prior to the conference.

It will definetely be interesting to see where Apple is going with its new lineup for 2016, and how it will compete with other manufacturers who already make fanless laptop systems based on the Intel Skylake family CPU’s.