Intel Skylake and SUPER QUIET laptops

Intel Skylake and SUPER QUIET laptops


Last year mid-summer 2015 Intel released a new processor family called Skylake, and promised a series of mobile CPU’s that could be built into fanless chassis. Usually it takes time for the producers of laptops to produce the actual hardware, but now we have several series of laptops that operates super quiet with no fans to worry about.

Personally I bought one of those laptops a few months ago as I started my blogging and writing as my old laptop a Sony Vaio 2010 model started making bad noices from within and I realized it is full of dust due to many years of air suction through the small laptop cabinet. I wanted a fanless system with a good OLED screen, atleast 256GB SSD harddrive and hopefully a alumnium cabinet for a reasonable price. Apple MacBook you say ? Well in my country it is heavily priced due to worse dollar conversion than what it used to be. But personally I wanted Microsoft Windows 10. Also I wanted battery life of minimum 7 hours, so I could work away from home in a cafe for a few hours without worrying about the laptop dying in my hands and drag a big cable.

I started my search in January and at that time there were one producer that had a chassis that looked like something I might like, and that was ASUS with it’s UX Zenbook series.

The Asus laptop chassis in the Zenbook series is a lovely super slim package with a nice and sharp OLED screen. for a reasonable price.

The first choice is CPU type. there are 3 configurations: Intel Skylake M3, M5, M7 CPU’s. All these in different price ranges.
The second choice is HD, there are also several configurations from 128gb – 512gb SSD drives.
The third choice is screen, there are 3 choices: HD panel (1920×1080), HD panel with touch, and 4K panel.

If you choose the Intel M3, 128gb HD and HD panel without touch the laptop cost less than 800 dollars. That is pretty nice for a fanless laptop that is perfect for writing, sheets and general work.

On the other hand, go full blown Intel Skylake M7 with 512gb SSD drive and super crispy 4k panel that cost you 1300 dollars you have a machine that will last years, super quiet, fairly long battery life 7 hours and that looks really nice in your hands.

Asus claims all models have 10+ hours battery life, but my measurment is about 7 hours for the M7. Also the 4K panel uses more power than the HD panel. I can only assume, but the M3 or M5 with HD panel is most likely to hit 10+ hours of battery life.

For reference, this article is NOT subsidized by any Laptop producer.