HBO Game of Thrones teases millions of fans with new short trailer

HBO Game of Thrones teases millions of fans with new short trailer


Peter Dinklage on left and Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson in Game of Thrones TV show series

HBO just released a new trailer for the famous TV show HBO Game of Thrones season six starting april 24 2016. The new trailer is just a short tease for the millions of fans.

A few weeks ago HBO released a new trailer for the sixth season with images from the sixth season revealing many small upcoming events in the new season and some hidden secrets to be revealed.
The new trailer have music from “Wicked Game” performed by James Vincent McMorrow which suits perfect with the trailer and the TV show.

The new trailer is 30 seconds of disconnected images revealing more exciting content in the upcoming show. Fans around the world is now digging in to the audio and video footage to try to reveal the new seasons secrets.

There are some people claiming they have found proof that the TV show is finally approaching its ‘end-game’ where all characters gets connected and run up against each other to complete the series which now is airing its sixth season on HBO.

There are speculations to several actors to be set on the death bed for the upcoming season. The character death toll in the Tv Series Game of Thrones is shocking high, and was high already in the first season on HBO. The first season ended with the top actor being cut his head off in the last episode. Viewers sitting shocked and wondering what happened.

Balon Greyjoy is definetely a good tip to a quick death!
Jorah Mormont is walking a nice path to death with last events in season 5 !
Aliser Thorne killed the wrong guy in season 5, up for a quick cut off his head!
Roose Bolton has not been shown in promo clips, and will most probably die in one of the first few episodes!
Ramsay Bolton, who said this kid can’t die following his fathers footstep to the grave ?
Ellaria Sand murdered Myrcella Baratheon in season five final. She is on the edge of the sword!

New show Game of Thrones starts on HBO 24’th of april 2016

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