Game of Thrones – Return of the red priest ?

Game of Thrones – Return of the red priest ?



While the fans of the Game of Thrones are counting days to rush to the booking office to get the best places in front of the wide screen; someone has let a cat out of the bag and has puzzled everyone. A little bird told in Twitter that character that was almost forgotten is going to reappear in the new season of the Game.
But what else to wait from the series which drew ahead of books it was based on. Cause if to believe some rumors the sixth book is just being written at the moment and is not released yet. Nevertheless ubiquitous spoilers managed to nose out some secrets. So to begin with there is going to be some action on the location which was not widely observed in previous series. In the new 6th episode much attention is going to be drawn to Iron Islands and key role in this is supposed to play the Thoros of Myr. If to believe spoilers this is not the only surprise for Game’s lovers. So there’s goanna be one more interesting character, an odious captain with dumb crew. This new – comer is a relative of Theon.

Are you still without a ticket for the first night? We still have some tricks for you. So let’s keep pulling back the shroud of secrecy. All the signs are that Sean Bean may reappear in the series. Judging by new location -Castle Zafra (Guadalajara) in Spain in which new season is shot it is suspiciously similar to the legendary Tower of Joy from the books. Readers of the saga are aware of how important this tower is for the plot and it certainly has something to deal with Sean Bean Character. And by the way speaking about locations can’t help saying about one of the central locations – Horn Hill. When viewers saw Semvella the last time, he was about to sail to the Citadel (taking with him Lilly and child), to become Meister instead of deceased Aemon. Citadel is located very close to the Tarly’s family castle and it seems this season we are going to learn a lot about Sam’s relatives. According to the Spanish site Los Siete Reinos, namely Castle St. Florentina in Spain will serve for the Horn Hill.

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Turning back to the meeting of the “old friends” we are going to meet some of them, to be more exact after a gap year Brandon Stark and Hodor are again with us. Both actors were seen together in Belfast not far from the place where shooting took place. According to the book, after a little training at the three-eyed crow (you all remember the shrunken old man, to whom Bran came?), Young Stark will be able to see the past, present and future. And with his eyes we will be able to see the events that have occurred since Liannoy and Ned in the Tower of Joy.